by Lee G & Delon

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I deal with people every day that just don't know what to believe
I tell them I've found something they think I have stuff up my sleeve
I know people who'd rather believe that the Bible's prophets were seers deceived into believing God showed 'em the thing's they'd see and hear
Well I also know of a man / Maybe You'd call an atheist who'd sooner say the DNA's helix was made by aliens than give credit to God
Stays content with the big bang / Billions and billions of years past now you're listening to this tape of this song with instincts, your just some highly advanced monkeys / with sex drives and chemicals.
Aint no purpose to life since it's an accident right?
Don't panic just choose a path do whatever's right in your sight.
It's interesting to me that everything we can see has a purpose, in the telescopes or the microscopes that where we're searching through.
Seems us religious guys aint the only one's holding biases,
some don't like the idea of the Almighty God searching you.
Maybe there's secrets inside that we'd rather keep hiding
or there's violence and genocides going on and you think that He's fine with it.
A guy just told me I serve my God out selfishness cus He'll torment me forever in hell if I never reverence Him.
They're militant, vexed with questions as they reject Him.
I've got evidence but I don't expect it to sway a skeptic.
Cus no eloquence well presented, presence impressive can ever measure the gift of heaven spent to settle our death sentences.
The Gospel's meant to press on you, it's not just an intellectual
In it's essence it's someone sent to die your death instead of you.
And that's emotional. Jerks your heart wide opens you up
Or else it closes you to clutch to sins you just won't give up.
The thorn is poking through your heart, blood flowing out.
Psychiatrists and doctors tell you, "Swallow pills to slow it down."
He came to heal your broken heart, rewrite life's tragedy.
He wants your love, He wants your thoughts,
He wants your clothes so raggedy.


released January 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Lee G & Delon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lee G and Delon are two artists based in Philadelphia that hope to make meaningful melody rich songs full of rhyme, rhythm and reason. To lift up Jesus and His character of love is the aim of these artists music and lives.

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